Conveniently located in Midtown NYC and Upper East Side, the Manhattan Dermatology centers boast state-of-the-art, certified and approved dermatology facility. Come see the Manhattan Dermatology office and meet a leading dermatologist in NYC Dr. Susan Bard. Make your appointment today to experience highly personalized and comprehensive New York dermatology care. Get the care you need in the safe, reassuring hands of the best rated dermatologist in NYC.

We found Dr. Bard online through her wonderful reviews. She was our only hope. Throughout my lifetime I was treated by numerous NYC dermatologists for skin cancer. After years of sunbathing they just kept popping up all over the place and I was tired of being operated on constantly. Dr. Bard spent ample time discussing my treatment options including, both surgical and non surgical. We also derived a plan to treat the existing sun damage to prevent the emergence of new skin cancers. She’s the best dermatologist in new york!

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Review by Jeanne O. – HealthGrades

I have been a patient of new york dermatologist Dr. Bard’s for many years. I have always been impressed by her intelligence, skill, and competence. She is really what a physician is supposed to be. In addition to her medical expertise, she is a warm, caring and compassionate woman who is never too busy to listen to her patients. She is A+ in every way!

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Review by Teri L. – HealthGrades

Dr. Bard is the best Dermatologist! She knows what the issue is within 2 seconds of looking, but she’ll still take the time to explain it, probable causes, treatment options, treatment side effects, and preventative recommendations. Dr. Bard treats you like a good friend, there is always a warm welcome, and she remembers our previous conversations regardless of how much time has passed. Highly recommended!

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Review by Illeana K. – HealthGrades

I love Dr. Bard! She’s the best dermatologist I’ve ever had and my skin has never looked better. I’ve been her patient since she first started and have followed her wherever she’s gone.

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Review by Vivian A – HealthGrades

Dr. Bard was amazing! I came to her with difficult Rosacea that no one could cure! I tried many other dermatologists in nyc and they all gave me creams that just didn’t work. She performed a laser treatment on me and was able to treat the problem so quickly! My skin is looking great again. Their prices are very fair for the awesome care I got! I am so happy to have met her. I found a gem.

Review by Verified Patient – Yelp

My visit with Dr. Bard was possibly one of the best experiences I’ve had. Starting from the front desk on to the medical assistants, her staff are all top notch and very pleasant. Dr. Bard took her time to explain all my concerns to me, and made sure all my questions were addressed. If you are in search for a dermatologist, I highly recommend Dr. Bard! ~ZocDoc

Review by Sadia A – ZocDoc

I would definitely recommend dermatologist Dr. Bard! She is very thorough and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable and had all of the information that I needed. I left feeling confident and certain that I had received the best dermatology care available in new york.

Review by Verified Patient – ZocDoc

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